How to Make a Mask at Home

How to Make a Mask at Home

No sew T-shirt mask

The no-sew T shirt mask is easy to make, but you must remember that these are made using fabric that is several layers thick and has a snug fit to your face. Do not use a thin bandana or scarf wrapped haphazardly around your face in a single layer. If you only have a bandana, use the directions in the second method to make a mask using  that and a coffee filter.

Items needed:

A T-shirt or a scarf. Make sure the fabric is big enough to fold several times and still cover your nose and mouth.

Two rubber bands or hair ties

How to make:

1. From the bottom of a T-shirt cut straight horizontally across 7-8 inches. Lay out the material flatly and turn it so the side that used to be the bottom of the T-shirt (it’s usually double stitched) is facing either left or right.

2. Fold the cloth from the top to the middle, and from the bottom to the middle. Repeat this step again.

3. Leaving a few inches of fabric, loop a rubber band or hair tie around each end (left and right). Make it so that each side looks like a candy wrapper.

4. Use the excess material to fold it over the band. Make each side meet in the middle to add another layer to the mask.

5. Put a band over each ear. Make sure that the material fits snugly. There should be enough pressure on your face to keep the material and rubber bands in place.

Bandana and Coffee Filter Mask

You can use a coffee filter in the middle of layered bandana cloth to get some protection.

Items Needed:


Cone coffee filter

Two rubber bands or hair ties

How to Make:

1. Take your bandana and fold it in half.

2. Take the coffee filter and cut it horizontally across the middle.

3. Place the wide section of the filter in the center of your bandana.

4. Take the bottom of the bandana and fold it up to the center. Make sure you cover the filter, and fold the top down over it again.

5. Use the rubber band or hair tie to loop around each end (left and right). Leave a few inches of fabric, making each side look like a candy wrapper.

6. Fold the sides over the band and make them meet in the middle before tucking them together.

7. Put a band over each ear, and make sure that the material fits snugly to your face. The pressure on your face must be used to keep the material and rubber bands in place.

Face Mask (Sewing Required)

This mask requires a bit more effort to make, but it will feel more comfortable and last longer.

Items Needed:

Two 10×6 inch rectangles of tightly woven cotton fabric

Two 6-inch pieces of elastic (or rubber bands, hair ties, string, or cloth strips)

A sewing machine

Needle and thread

How to Make:

1. Place the two rectangles of fabric so that they stack up.

2. Fold the 10-inch sides 1/4 inch down and sew these together.

3. Fold the 6-inch sides 1/2 inch over and sew at the edge. Make sure you leave a small space open to loop the elastic in.

4. Thread the elastic through the opening and sew the ends together.

5. Tuck the knots inside the opening before gathering the short sides together and stitching the elastic into place.