How to live with Corona: The New Normal

How to live with Corona: The New Normal

There is so much information out there on how to protect ourselves from coronavirus. There have been several guidelines issued by the government on disinfecting things for staying safe from the virus. But there are some basic questions regarding day-to-day living that will be addressed in this blog. The following are some of the questions about coronavirus answered.

​Should fruits and vegetables be sanitized? How?

According to experts, the virus can stay alive on fruits and vegetables for a few hours but it helps when they are kept under Sun or exposed to heat in other forms.

Do not handle vegetables or fruits immediately after bringing them home. Keep the packet of vegetables aside for at least four hours. During these four hours, take off the packet and let the vegetables soak in warm water with baking soda. Do not use sanitizer on vegetables and fruits. It can only be used on our body and other surfaces like steel and metal.

Adding a drop of potassium permanganate to water is another good way of disinfecting your vegetables and fruits.

​What about perishables like cheese, milk and butter…?

The temperature is soaring high because summer is at its peak. If you keep a few items outside for long it will go bad. In this case, wash the packets with soapy water and before throwing away the outer packet.

​What about cold drink cans and plastic boxes?

The coronavirus can stay active on plastic and metal surfaces for up to 24-48 hours. Do not put such items into the refrigerator immediately. Keep them at room temperature, so that no one comes in contact with them. After a few hours wash these with warm soapy water before refrigerating.

What about food delivery from restaurants?

The problem with the outside food is not the food but rather the delivery. If the food has been cooked thoroughly, the virus will not survive it. But because multiple people are involved in the packing and delivering of the food, one must be careful.

If you are ordering, you should discard the packaging immediately. If the box is made of plastic, carefully wash it with soapy water.

What about Medicine strips?

There is no evidence as of yet that sanitizer works on medicine strips. After buying new medicines, keep it in the box at room temperature for several hours. Medicine too comes in contact with multiple hands, so it’s best not expose yourself to it right away. Try not to keep the medicine in direct sunlight as it may spoil their efficacy.

Currency and stationery

Keep the stationery and currency outside for 3-4 hours as sanitizer might not be completely effective on them.

Do’s and don’ts for office workers

– Carry your own lunch and cutlery. Do not use the utensils from the pantry or canteen.

– Use your own power bank and charger

– Always keep a bottle of sanitizer and sanitizer wipes with you and clean your desk and laptop before you begin working.

– Try not to touch the lift buttons, railings, doorknobs and other commonly used surfaces. If you do touch, sanitize your hands immediately.

– After coming back home, sanitize and wash everything you took with you accordingly. Shower immediately.