How To Keep Yourself Safe In The Gym?

How To Keep Yourself Safe In The Gym?

As we enter into the third phase of unlock plan, Indian government will be issuing a few more relaxations for Unlock 3.0, including the reopening of gyms. But these  fitness centres will only reopen with strict restrictions.

The closing of gyms and fitness centres due to the coronavirus pandemic means that a lot of people have no choice but to work out from home using online fitness tutorials. While it may be the next best thing for fitness enthusiasts, the lack of expert guidance of fitness trainers and gym instructors, and of course the gymming equipment, makes it easy to feel lost in the plethora of fitness and workout information available online.

If you are looking forward to hitting your nearest gym for a good session, as soon as you can, let us first take a minute to understand the situation. First things first, even if restrictions are slowly being lifted during the third phase of unlocking, the pandemic is still very much here and is still deadly. As we try to live with the new normal, the following are seven precautions you must follow while going to the gym and fitness centres, to keep yourself (and your loved ones) safe from COVID-19:

1. Just do your workout and leave

Don’t rush through the gym door at the last minute, and make sure that you arrive at your gym class at the right time and do not hang around at the entrance. If the place is crowded, it is better to wait in your car or stand at a distance. This is to make sure that you come into contact into people who are heading for the gym at their scheduled time.

2. ​Carry your own supplies

Do not drink from disposable cups at the watercooler at the gym, instead, have your own water bottle with you. Prepare yourself for a workout session from your home as lockers and changing rooms will most likely not be opened to avoid contraction of infection. You should also carry your own yoga mat for stretching.

3. ​Sanitize as much as possible

If you do not wear hand gloves while handling the gymming equipment, make sure that you sanitize your hands after every use and avoid touching your face. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times. 

4. Use gym gloves and arm sweatbands

This will make sure that you do not pick up any germs and bacteria left on the workout equipment and it also prevents you from accidentally touching your face. Wearing head sweatbands will stop the sweat from trickling down your face.

5. ​Don’t go if you don’t feel well

If you are not feeling well, just stay at home to keep others safe. Contact your healthcare provider if you develop a nagging cough, fever or have a loss of smell and taste.

6. Always practise social distancing

Yes, the golden rule of social distancing is still applicable while you’re working out at the gym. Remember, the pandemic is still very much here, so make sure you keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others, at all times.

7. Do not wear face masks while working out 

While it may seem like the right thing to do while working out in a public place, a lot of experts agree wearing a mask while walking, jogging or even while performing a strenuous workout, acts as a hindrance  to airflow and increases your heart rate quickly. You may tire out more easily, have a hard time catching your breath and may have troubles with dizziness or light-headedness. Always talk to your medical care provider before wearing a mask while working out in a gym.

Stay healthy, stay safe 🙂 

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