How To Have A Healthy Diet In 2021

How To Have A Healthy Diet In 2021

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging people to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this difficult time. They say that staying healthy could boost our chances of a fast recovery should we contract Covid-19.

“Other than exercising regularly, quitting smoking and drinking, having a healthy diet plays a ”crucial role” in determining how well people recover from coronavirus”, the WHO has said.

But what in particular does a healthy diet consist of, and how can we make sure that we are eating as well as possible while going through the second wave of the pandemic? So, in this blog, we list some tips on how you can maintain a healthy diet in 2021.

While some of us are still working from home and even those who have started going out are being careful and eating only ‘maa ke haath ka khana’, this is actually the best time to get into shape and reinvent ourselves. So now, let your lockdown weight gain give you a reality check.

6 Ways To Stay In Shape

1. Eat real food

The fact that we are all eating home cooked food and have cut down on outside food means that we have an opportunity to make each meal balanced. To stay healthy, you should eat moderate carbs, adequate proteins, some milk products and a lot of veggies. Eating nutritious food will increase your energy level and your productivity. It also prevents you from eating empty junk filled calories. If you’re cooking for yourself, pre cook meals when you are free, or at least do some prep like chopping, cleaning or making a lot of masala in one go.

2. Get a wide range of nutrients

Having variety is most important to a healthy diet so make sure you avoid omitting any food groups unless you have an allergy.

Three nutrients that to put in the ‘definitely include’ pile are (because they help to support your immune system) are vitamin A (source:  sweet potato and spinach), vitamin C (source: berries, tomatoes & peppers) and zinc (source: meat, shellfish, dairy and bread).

3. Surround yourself with healthy snacks

Keeping yourself surrounded by healthy and nutritious snacks, instead of junk will ensure that you don’t head straight for the chips packet at the slightest hunger pang. You should prepare snacks around the “protein and produce” mantra, i.e. pair a piece of protein with a piece of produce, which is a healthy combination. For example: cheese and apple, yoghurt and berries, nuts and dried fruit or even to get a little fancy: hummus and carrots.

4. Take advantage of your freezer

A good way to reduce food waste is to make the most of your freezer. Make big one-pot dishes that freeze particularly well as they are an easy and quick way to consume plenty of vegetables in one sitting. Fruits such as berries and bananas can also be thrown in the freezer and used in smoothies for the mornings.

5. Limit Treats

You may feel like you want to eat more treats or drink alcohol as a way of dealing with the increased stress and worry about the current situation. But if you use food or drink as comfort, you might get stuck in a vicious circle which turns into a difficult habit to break. So, limit the number of treats that are brought into the house and keep them out of your reach, ideally in a different room to wherever you spend the most time. Set some boundaries like only having chocolate at the weekend.

6. Eating Together

The one good effect of this pandemic is that it has brought many families closer together. Families who eat together often have stronger and healthier relationships, with children enjoying a better sense of wellbeing and security. During these troubling times, it’s a great opportunity to chat, share worries, or make plans with your family. For families with kids, eating together is a very good way to make this time more normal, allay fears, and chat about concerns.

Stay healthy, stay safe !!!