5 Tips to Make Your Bones Stronger

5 Tips to Make Your Bones Stronger

Bones are the support system of our body that allow us to move. They are responsible for giving protection to your brain, heart, and other organs from injury.

Bone is a living, growing tissue that is composed mostly of two materials: collagen, a protein providing a soft framework, and calcium, a mineral responsible for adding strength and hardness. These two materials combined together makes bones strong and flexible enough to withstand stress.

Bones also release calcium and other minerals into the body when needed for other uses. Essentially, your bones are a “bank” from where you “deposit” and “withdraw” bone tissue. When you’re young, new bone is deposited to the skeleton faster than old bone is withdrawn. This results in your bones becoming larger, heavier, and denser.

Generally, the pace of bone formation is faster than removal until sometime after age 20. After age 30, bone withdrawals become faster than deposits.

Regular exercise not only helps in managing your weight but also in keeping other diseases at bay. It improves your cardiovascular health, muscles, joints, and even your mental health. Doing any kind of physical activity regularly reduces the risk of injury by one-third in older adults.

Exercising helps in building stronger bones, which is beneficial in every stage of our life and especially when we grow old. Regular exercise makes your bones adapt by building more cells and becoming denser. However, for that, you need to train strategically. There are five major tips you need to keep in mind while working out in order to make it more effective for your bones. Include any two in your workout routine to make your bones happy.

Balance your body weight

Do exercises that require you to balance your body weight. For example, walking, dancing, and jumping rope. These activities encourage you to carry your body weight against gravity. This results in stronger bones.

High speed

High-speed exercises include sprint training and jogging that makes your workout even more challenging. These activities have a higher impact on your joints as compared to just walking or strolling.

Balancing exercises

Balancing exercises are not for strengthening your bones, but it does prevent the risk of injury, especially those who are older in age. Standing on one leg and tree yoga pose are some beneficial exercises that you can do.

Impact training

Impact training puts extra stress on your bones which makes them stronger. Box jump, jump squat are some exercises that you can include in your routine. Jumping and pounding multiplies the weight-bearing effect of gravity making it better for your bones.

​A sudden change of direction

Changing direction while you’re moving helps in strengthening your hip bones and muscles, which makes performing daily activities like sitting on or picking heavy objects much easier to do. According to studies, athletes who play sports like soccer and squash, involving rapid turns have stronger bones as compared to athletes who do hip jumps and similar kinds of exercise.

Stay healthy, stay safe 🙂