5 Tips On What To Eat After A Workout For Muscle Growth

5 Tips On What To Eat After A Workout For Muscle Growth

Post-workout nutrition is important, but many people overcomplicate it by micromanaging macronutrients and getting obsessed with the timing. The basic concept of nutrient timing is providing more fuel and nutrients. Good nutrition is a 24-7 discipline and the muscle growth process continues for many hours after training, but you need the most nutritional support after workouts. Moving some of the carb calories to support your training is called carb targeting. If you generally workout in the evening, try to include more carbs in your post-workout meal. 

You must have a protein-containing meal soon after doing resistance exercises, because that’s when most of your muscle recovery and growth happens. According to experts, a simple guideline is to have 0.4 to 0.5 gms of high quality protein per kilo of Lean Body Mass both before and after a workout. The following are five easy tips for post-workout meals: 

5 Tips On What To Eat After A Workout

1. Don’t leave too much gap between exercise and eating

The 45 to 60 minutes immediately after an intense workout is an important time wherein proper nutrition makes the difference. If you ate a meal pre-workout, you might not feel like eating a meal post-workout immediately but you should still eat within an hour or sooner after your workout. 

2. Eat protein and carbs 

Protein is an important part of a post-workout meal. The optimum amount is still debated by scientists, especially for carbs, but a combination of protein and carbs will be an ideal meal. 

3. Eat your designated carbs in the post-workout meal

Eating carbs after training restores blood sugar, suppresses cortisol, and causes a beneficial insulin spike (which helps amino acids in your muscles when insulin sensitivity is high) and estimates synthesis of proteins. The carbs you eat after a workout is used in replenishing muscle glycogen and does not get stored as fat in the body. 

4. Drink your post-workout meal if you prefer 

Liquids are often recommended for post-workout meals because they get absorbed more quickly than whole foods. If you want to try liquid “meals”, you can either use one of the widely available selection of post workout drinks or just make your own. According to many studies, milk is an amazing post-workout drink (add in some protein powder to make it healthy).

5. Eat whatever carbs that you like

Post-workout is the time when quickly absorbing carbs is perfectly alright to eat. Normally it is advised to not eat too much simple sugars, but if you want, the best time to eat them is right after an intense workout session.

If you want to lose weight and you have an endomorphic body type, then be careful of including high-sugar in your post-workout meals and stick to natural food instead. Whole food gives you both micronutrients and fiber, instead of just carbs and calories while also satisfying your appetite.

For those who eat their meal an hour or two before a workout, make sure to separate pre-workout and post-workout meals by more than 3-4 hours. The timing of pre-workout meals also depends on your digestive system. If you feel nauseous when you work out right after a meal, just push back the meal far enough to digest your food comfortably before the workout.

Stay healthy, stay safe 🙂