5 Summer Drinks to Keep your Body Cool

5 Summer Drinks to Keep your Body Cool

It’s the season of the scorching summer and most of the country’s Northern states are suffering from an intense heatwave. The high-temperature can lead to feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Thus, it’s very important to stay cool and hydrated to keep your body healthy and get through the hot weather. 

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking liquids rich in nutrients is your best method to beat the heat. It’s very important to drink right as consuming wrong drinks can have the opposite effect and dehydrate your body.

Aam panna

This refreshing drink is definitely an Indian favourite and needs no introduction. It is made from raw mangoes,and it’s lip-smacking in taste, It’s sour and spicy taste makes it a very popular drink. For this drink, you need to grind mango pulp along with cumin, jeera, kala namak and mint leaves. It will keep you feeling refreshed and energised during the summer season. The drink has vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates and protein, making it a very healthy choice for the summer.

Sattu ka sharbat

Sattu sharbat is quite regularly enjoyed in Bihar. It is both refreshing and energising at the same time. Sattu keeps the body feeling cooler even during the hottest days. The ingredients required for this drink are sattu, water, sugar/salt. If you want a sweet drink, add sugar and for a salty taste add salt and jeera powder.

Sattu drink is beneficial for the digestive process and is also very filling. It is rich in important nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Regularly consuming this drink helps in reducing bloating, improving metabolism and burning calories.


Everyone loves a tall refreshing glass of lassi in this hot weather. The creamy smooth lassi is a very good refreshment. You can even make flavoured lassi by adding mango, mint to even banana. Since lassi is made from curd it boosts immunity, improves digestion and keeps you cool from inside.


Jaljeera is made by combining jeera and water. After the cumin seeds or jeera is roasted it is grinded into a coarse powder and mixed in water. This drink is very beneficial if you’re suffering from digestion problems, especially during summers. Have a chilled glass of jaljeera and enjoy your summer like they were meant to be enjoyed.

Nimbu Paani

This is by far the most sought after summer drink, the ever famous nimbu paani or lemonade. This is very quick and easy to make and has an amazingly delicious taste. It’s ingredients include mint leaves, lemons, sugar, salt and water. To give it a special Indian twist spices like cumin, coriander powder, black pepper, etc. are also added.

Watermelon drink

Watermelon is unarguably the best fruit for the summer. Having a bowl of watermelon for breakfast keeps you rejuvenated through the entire day. And a refreshing watermelon drink takes just minutes to make. Just peel some watermelon slices and put them in a blender. Keep blending till you get a juice-like consistency. Put it on the side in a jug. Now, blend some ginger pieces with a bit of water. Use a sieve for adding the ginger-water to the watermelon juice. Mix well and enjoy your lovely summer drink. To serve, put two ice cubes in a glass and pour the watermelon juice with a few drops of lemon on the top. You can also sweeten the drink more with a bit of honey or sugar. Garnish using mint leaves.