5 Fun Hobbies to Enjoy While Staying at Home

5 Fun Hobbies to Enjoy While Staying at Home

After so many days of being stuck at home, you may feel as if you’re getting stuck in a rut. So, to kill boredom why don’t we try and find new and interesting ways for enjoying our time. The first step to doing this is by exploring all of the options available. Trying out some hobbies you might not otherwise have time to do can be a very enjoyable experience. 

Stop being stuck to your screen like a zombie day in and day out, and try out some more fun, creativity, and wellness in your life. The following are 5 Fun Hobbies to do While Staying at Home.


Reading is an incredibly inexpensive hobby that has many benefits. It makes you think about something meaningful, that serves as an escape and sparks creativity and inspiration. If you read nonfiction, you will get to know something new. 

If reading books bores you, then try audiobooks. They’re like podcasts and may be easier to digest if you’re not used to reading.

Currently, many digital libraries have made their subscriptions free of charge so the chance of being able to get an audiobook or ebook is greater than ever. There are many websites that offer free ebooks. 


Our school and college life are dominated by writing, but after graduating, it’s the last thing most people want to do. Unless your job involves writing on a regular basis, you probably don’t consider writing as a hobby. 

Writing a journal can be refreshing for the soul and can help in calming your mind , especially during these times. If venting at people becomes hard, or it gets difficult for you to work through things out loud, try writing down your thoughts to make sense of it all. 

Creative writing like poetries, short stories, or even novels can be great creative journeys to undertake. All you need is a pen and paper.

Cooking and Baking 

For some, spending time in the kitchen is a chore, but for others experimenting with different ingredients to make the perfect dish is their time to thrive.

What makes cooking or baking interesting is that there are so many recipes easily available online. You can either follow recipes or try to make your own unique dish. The only price involved is for the ingredients. 

Playing Board Games

Board games are an incredibly fun family activity. If you have board games at home, you can get a lot of use out of them. Most board games are timeless, so you just need to find one that everyone can enjoy. 

Alternatively, there are many classic board games that have online versions available free. These versions can be played with friends or family in other locations as well. This is an amazing way to stay in touch with loved ones during these times.

Digital Learning 

Learning may not seem like much of a hobby, but the possibilities are endless. You can either learn a new language or a new skill that you can use at work. Or maybe there is a specific topic that you’ve always wanted to research. This doesn’t mean that you’ve to do a formal study; you can just as easily follow your own path at your own pace.

The pursuit of knowledge is a worthy endeavor, and there are so many online classes that you can use to learn more.


Exercising is another great hobby to have. It gets you in a better physical and mental shape rather than becoming a couch potato while snacking.

Fashion your own weights or you can do bodyweight exercises. You can even do yoga—all you need is a mat. Again, there are plenty of free stay at home workouts on YouTube, that you can use to make your own workout routine. 

Stay at home and stay safe 🙂