What Not To Do After The Lockdown Ends

What Not To Do After The Lockdown Ends

Governments around the world are planning to ease the coronavirus lockdown restrictions and there are many questions as to what life might look like  after the lockdown. But the truth is that even after the restrictions end, life would be completely different from what it was before.

With confirmed cases and COVID-19 deaths, around the globe, rising by the thousands each day, we must all keep in mind that there’s still much we don’t know about the long-term behavior of this particular coronavirus strain. Even in places that are starting to reopen, the warning are clear: If cases surge again, the lockdowns will return.

While every community will determine its own rules, here are some common things everyone should keep in mind.

Don’t throw a party or a hang out session

Social distancing is still just as important. It exists to slow the spread of transmission of disease from people who come into close contact. Throwing a party or getting together with friends will give any lingering coronavirus on an asymptomatic host the best opportunity to infect others, who then could pass it along.

The government can only do so much. Ultimately, it’s up to you to be smart about protecting your health.

Keep up the habit of washing your hands

Keep practicing common hygiene and remember that relaxed rules does not mean that the coronavirus outbreak is over, even after a vaccine is finally discovered. There are many economic reasons for schools and businesses to reopen, while the virus is still spreading, although at slower rates.

Keep in mind that the reason behind stay at home orders and thorough handwashing is to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients in critical condition and minimizing your vulnerability to life-threatening symptoms.

Make sure to continue the good hand-washing habits you’ve acquired during this time, including longer, more thorough washing, and more frequently after contact with people and common surfaces.

Stay away from high-risk people

We all wish to go out and give older people and immunocompromised friends in your life a big hug. But that may be dangerous for them. Lockdown measures will probably loosen before the vaccine arrives that will help protect people most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Keeping a healthy distance from high-risk groups may still be the best way of keeping them safe.

Don’t throw out your face masks

You’ll have to retain a lot of cautionary measures when going out. Temperature checks and social distancing will still stay, along with hand sanitizing or wearing gloves, shops with plexiglass dividers and also wearing a face mask at all times. It will be a long time before shopping and socializing experiences will return to normal.

Don’t get too comfortable

This is a bit of bad news, but truthfully, as a global society, it’s not certain what will happen next — if a sudden surge in new coronavirus cases make it necessary to reinstitute quarantine measures, as has occured in Singapore and Hong Kong, or, worse, if a new strain comes up.

Whatever the future may hold, the smart thing to do is remain as optimistic as possible about regaining your freedom  while also remaining realistic. So keep your face masks handy.