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Tips to overcome Obesity :

  • Avoid eating junk, fried, fatty, and food low in roughages.
  • Actively exercise to burn your calories in order to reduce accumulation of excess fat.
  • Drink lukewarm water in sufficient quantity throughout the day, but most importantly right after waking up in the morning
  • Take small meals in regular interval instead of heavy meals at one go. Do not keep more than 3-4 hour interval in between small meals.
  • Avoid heavy dinner and sleeping right after supper
  • Take proper sleep (7-8 hours).
Product Details
Each 100 grams of weight control powder contain: Trifla (40.0 gms.), Vaividang (15.0 gms.), Nagarmotha (22.0 gms.), Ajwain (7.0 gms.), Arjuna (7.0 gms.), Pipali (7.0 gms.), Sendhav (2.0 gms.), Chappad (10.0 gms.), Erand Tail Q.S.
Each 100 mL of massage oil contain: Atis 0.06%, Murva 0.04%, Nisoth 0.02%, Vasa 0.03%, Amaltas 0.05%, Bach 0.05%, Haldi 0.05%, Daru Haldi 0.05%, Giloy 0.05%, Amla 0.03%, Harad 0.03%, Bahera
0.03%, Salparni 0.07%, Pipali 0.07%, Pipali 0.07%, Tulsi 0.03%, Sounth 0.03%, Kali Mirch 0.05%, Dalchini 0.03%, Elaichi 0.02%, Sarso Tail 3.5%, Baes Q.S.

How Metaslim helps?

The research behind Metaslim preparation was done keeping in mind the lifestyle and eating habits of current times. It is backed by age-old Indian medicine system of Ayurveda and the best of research went into preparing this product to help all those suffering from body fat or obesity regain the benefits of a lean and healthy body. The herbs used in the formula are known to reduce fat as well as detoxify body and stimulate organs for better energy levels, improved digestion, and regulated blood circulation.

Metaslim is a purely herbal fat loss and slimming prepration. The product pack contains Metaslim Slimming Powder as well as Slimming Oil. The Powder, when taken with lukewarm water, melts and washes away the excess fat deposition from the body while the Oil, when applied topically to stubborn fat deposits (thighs, underbelly, hips, etc.), acts synergistically with orally taken powder and accelerates the fat reduction in such areas. The herbs used to prepare Metaslim are completely safe to take in all age groups and the results are amazing if used in right quantity and manner.


I was a sportsperson in past. I used to work out lot and had a proper Physique, but due to my job requirements I had to quit sports. As it was a desk job, I had put on a lot of weight and my waistline bulged. I was too worried as I was looking like a grown up man instead of a boy of 26 then I tried Metaslim Herbal Fat loss and regular use of it helped me to regain my shape and form. Now my weight and waistline are back to normal and I am much more active and energetic than I use to be in past. (Prateek)

Disclaimer : Result may vary person to person.
I used to go for jogging every morning & also practice yoga, but nothing helped me much. Then one day I came to know about Metaslim. Every morning & every night before going to bed I used to take Metaslim in lukewarm water. Since my job involves lot of sitting work so there was lot of fat deposition around my waist area , so I have also used Metaslim Oil before sleeping. Metaslim has helped me lose considerable amount of fat in less time & Metaslim Oil has helped me to reduce my waist line and make me look a lot younger(Feroz)

Disclaimer : Result may vary person to person.
In my career I can’t afford to look bulky I was quite heavy with ugly waist line. Slowly this became the biggest threat to my career, then I got hold of Metaslim Herbal Fat Loss and regular use of it reduced my weight considerably along with my waistline. The entire credit goes to Metaslim for saving my career. (Supriya)

Disclaimer : Result may vary person to person.
If you think you can reduce your weight by dieting or exercising you are mistaken or either you are taking a risk. I have tried everything; my weight rather than going down, shot up was gained by another few kgs. Try using Saptharishi MetaSlim which is a proven weight loss treatment and uses the most essential of naturals extract to combat this deadly problem . One fine day alike me you will also share your success story.(Praveen)

Disclaimer : Result may vary person to person.

What is MetaSlim?

Metaslim is a weight loss treatment

which uses some rare and precious natural extracts and knowledge of Ayurveda to combat the deadly problem of obesity. Regular use of Metaslim melts the excess fat and helps body regain health, energy and a shape of desire. By reducing weight, it also helps controlling the ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other common diseases associated with obesity.

Most Effective On:

1. Obesity
2. Indigestion
3. Gastric problems
4. Constipation
5. Acid reflux
6. High Blood Pressure etc

There are no special prerequisites for taking this medicine. For maximum results, however, take simple and easily digestible food, avoid fried/fatty food and try to exercise regularly.

How does MetaSlim work?

MetaSlim work in three ways:
1. Regular use of Metaslim melts the fatty deposits accumulated at various areas of the body by loosening the integrity of these deposits.
2. Metaslim regulates the digestive system as well as the metabolism as whole to turn food into energy and not into fat.
3. Specific ingredients used in Metaslim stimulate the tendency of body to consume deposited excess fat and thus do not let the deposits occur again.

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