How To Make The Most Of Mother’s Day During Quarantine

How To Make The Most Of Mother’s Day During Quarantine

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated as a reminder to cherish the relationship you have with your dear mother. This year, as we all know, comes with some unique circumstances, that has most us celebrating the day at home or even away from our mothers. That is why, some Mother’s Day traditions like salon days and fancy dinners are not possible this May. But remember, this does not mean you should ignore this day. In fact, you’ve more reason than ever before to celebrate the important people in your life and show them that you love them.

With a dash of preparation and a spoonful of imagination, you can give your mother the happy Day she deserves and needs during quarantine.

Serve her breakfast in bed

This is the classic, tried and tested, mother’s day gift. There is nothing like waking up to a good hearty breakfast, cooked by the people you love. Start her day on the right note by waking her up with her morning beverage of choice and a perfectly cooked breakfast filled with her favourite dishes..

Watch a movie together

Since we’re all stuck in our homes, take this time to cozy up on the couch and watch a movie marathon with the No. woman in your life. Let her pick her favourite movie or TV show and have a great bonding moment as you share a movie together. If you are away from her, do a video call and watch a movie together anyway. Don’t forget to prepare some tasty snacks for her while you enjoy the movie.

Host a simple at home party.

By party, I don’t mean inviting other people. Just do a simple decoration of the house and make it seem like a party. And if you have the ingredients, then you can bake a lovely cake for your moher. Essentially, do something creative and make her feel like the center of attention. If you live apart, then do a video call and have a long and lovely chat. Raise a glass to the woman who raised you. Let her know you love and how much you care for her. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how precious our loved ones are to us.

Give her a manicure.

This is a cute and beautifully simple thing to do. While you can’t give her the full salon experience at home, you can certainly help her feel pampered by doing some manis and pedis. Get a few nail polish options from your beauty kit and let her sit back and enjoy herself while you do the work.

Make Something

Get creative and make something handmade for her. It may be something as simple as a greeting card and perhaps a bit more complex like a homemade necklace or any other jewellery. Take a look at pinterest and find some DIY mother’s day gifts and give it a try. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you put some effort and love into it, your mother will appreciate it very much. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts.