How to deal with anxiety post lockdown

How to deal with anxiety post lockdown

These are difficult times we’re living in and it won’t be an understatement to say that we are witnessing unprecedented changes. While the whole world nearly came to a stop after the viral pandemic, countries around the world are easing lockdown relaxations in an effort to restart the economy. However, things are nowhere near normal and experts suggest that the situation is unlikely to change for a long period of time.

Even as people are getting ready to go back to work and leave their houses once again, the fear of leaving the house is still crippling. This post-lockdown anxiety is due to a host of fears and concerns, the biggest being health worries or an inability to protect the loved ones from COVID-19 disease. The sad part is, even as scientists work on developing a vaccine, there is no definitive answer on when life will go back to normal.

Be assured that some level of anxiety and fear is actually good for ensuring that people follow lockdown instructions and do not try risky things. When people worry about contracting the disease, it will ensure that social distancing is maintained and they remain cautious about going out in public unnecessarily.

However, when the lines between being cautious and panicking every time you step outside the house gets blurred, it is important to look out for other signs of anxiety.

​The post lockdown anxiety

The future is uncertain, the economy has slowed down, there is a global health crisis and a looming fear that someone you know might contract the disease– all of this makes a perfect recipe for post lockdown anxiety. Since good mental health is important for staying fit physically, there are a few methods you can use to deal with the post lockdown anxiety of going out of the home.

​Accept the new normal

The first thing to do is to remember that we are going through a pandemic and all your fears and worries are completely normal. Once you understand that this is the situation we’ll be dealing with for a while, it will become easier to live with it. No matter what the situation, the first step is to not deny the truth and accept that there aren’t a lot of things in your control right now.

Take it one day at a time

Do not keep worrying about the future or making plans for the future as it may only cause more anxiety. When you start feeling overwhelmed, just focus on the present and getting done with it.

​Positive coping strategies

Take out some time every day to exercise, no matter what, even if it’s just taking a walk for 30 minutes. Make sure you maintain a good and healthy diet as your health and wellbeing should be your topmost priority right now.

Don’t obsess over coronavirus news

If you find yourself religiously checking the news in the hope of a vaccine for COVID-19 or for keeping track of the number of positive cases, you should change this habit. It is definitely good and important to be informed about the coronavirus cases around you and take all the necessary precautions, but there’s no need to monitor every single case. Don’t keep engaging in COVID-19 discussions unless you absolutely need to and go about your life taking necessary precautions.

​Seek help if needed

If you keep getting overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feelings and you cannot get rid of these thoughts even after you try hard, you must seek professional help. During the pandemic, there are many doctors that have begun teleconsultations, which can be especially useful if you don’t feel like leaving your home.

Hit pause on your thoughts

Remember, there is not much that’s in your control and your thoughts are definitely on the top of this list. So, while it may be impossible to change the face of the pandemic, what you can do is change your reaction to the same and try to live your best life, as much as possible right now. This too shall pass but we must be kinder to ourselves, especially now.