6 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight While Working From Home

6 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight While Working From Home

Even if the world is opening up once again, a large number of people are still working from home or rightfully reluctant to leave home yet. In these ‘Corona’ times, there are many things that are changing and we’re all trying to adjust to the new normal. But what part does health and fitness play in this new world; a big one surely. So, if you’ve let yourselves go a little then it’s time to rededicate yourself to improving our health and be ready for new challenges. Until a new vaccine is discovered, all we have to protect ourselves is our immunity. So strap up, and bring your health back in order.

Actually, now is the best time to reacquaint ourselves with a healthy life because most of us are currently eating only home-cooked food. This is the perfect time to get into shape and rejuvenate. Working from home means that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. But that attitude will get you nowhere  in terms of your health. What you need to do is make each day count.

1. Eat real food

The advantage this lock down has given us is that we are all eating home cooked meals, so it’s easy for us to access balanced meals. Make sure you eat moderate carbs, adequate proteins, along with some milk product and lots of vegetables. Getting the right nutrients will enhance both your energy level and your productivity. It will stop you from munching on empty junk filled calories. Precook your meals in your free time, or at least do some prep like chopping and cleaning. This will reduce the time and effort required while cooking and it’s also a good way to get the family together.

2. Eat adequate portions

Figure out the portions you need to make you full and stick to them. If you keep your physical activity low and overeat as well this will end up leading to more weight gain. A simple meal is: Half a plate of vegetables, A quarter of carbs or cereal, A quarter of protein and around 150 – 200mls milk.

3. Fix your meal timings

Working from home is no excuse for eating whenever you like. Fix your meal timings as if it’s a normal working day. Have your breakfast in the morning, lunch during office lunchtime, and dinner latest by 9 pm. You can take snack breaks in between your big meals for no more than 10-15 minutes. This will help you stay refreshed.

For your snack prefer healthy things like fruits, nuts, boiled or baked snacks like boiled corn, or even a fistful of bhuna chana. Take a small amount you want to eat in a bowl/plate. Do not keep your snacks on your desk. Keep your work desk away from the kitchen. Avoid the urge to munch every time you get up from your table.

4. Drink plenty of water 

If you do not keep yourself hydrated it may cause fatigue and headaches. Keep your water at your desk, so that you can drink more easily. The standard requirement is 35-45mls/kg body weight. Prefer to drink more in between meals, and less with meals.

5. Avoid too much caffeine 

Having too much caffeine is known to be bad for health. 2-3 cups/day is an adequate amount. Just because you’re staying at home, you don’t have to drink every time someone else in your family is drinking a cup. Although you should do that while eating. It’s very lucky for us to get this time to spend with our families, so make mealtimes family time, even while working from home. Eating and working takes away concentration from both. Eating at a dining table with your family will make your mind feel refreshed and improve productivity..

6. Be physically active

Use the extra time you have to exercise indoors. There are many types of home exercises you can do without any equipment. Scroll through the website to find blogs on home exercise. Make sure you try different things daily and get your family involved as well. You don’t need any more than an hour for this.

Finally, remember that there is a silver lining to every cloud. The fact that you’re working, means that you’re still employed. Use this time to not worry too much and improve your health, body, mind and soul 

Stay safe, stay healthy 🙂